Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Bike and the Boy

There seems to be a coming of age in our neighborhood that involves nearly killing yourself on the mountain bike trails at Canada Olympic Park. Drops, ladders, skinnies, rails, etc. All foreign language to me but familiar to the young teen boys in A's circle. Because his grades improved during the final term, he got his new bike. Since B & I were busy preparing for our vacation, letting him spend the day biking seemed a good option. Until the phone call.

I wasn't even home yet. "I'm done for the day," he said. He crashed on his first run down the mountain. I asked if he was okay - "split lip, broken toe, I think..."

He's going to be okay but the emotions are running high for everyone. Six hours at emergency, four nurses, one doctor and two xrays. The lip was torn badly inside at the top gumline. He had 10 stitches inside his mouth and three on his lip. His chest (terribly scraped up) will be badly bruised and he jammed some fingers and toes. X-rays showed no fractures. However, it appears the full face helmet I just bought him may have well saved his face.

Oh... yes, the bike is fine.

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