Monday, July 10, 2006

Travel Tales #1

Our vacation to Missouri has been lovely so far. A two-day drive to mid-Nebraska took us through the broad expanse of sky and rolling lands of Montana, then the more desolate and intriguing Wyoming landscape. Good roads, beautiful hills, antelope, mountain silhouettes against a blazing orange sunset. Two days on the Hueftle farm in mid-Nebraska meant lots of time catching up B’s best buddy from college (along with his wonderful family) and fun for A riding the quad, three wheeler and dirt bike. A also took an afternoon to help out loading bales (the smaller ones, not the big round ones) and has a sunburn to prove it. B mostly just rode along but did help some with irrigation pipe.

A’s stitches came out fairly easy on Saturday with no real evidence of the bike crash remaining.

Two more days in Omaha netted a wonderful time visiting with my best friend from college days and lovely brunch with my brother and his family. We saw his workplace as an air traffic control supervisor. His daughter, my niece, K was in a dance recital Saturday evening and it was a thrill to watch her. Mostly ballet, with one jazz number and one tap number. Pics to follow once I’m home. She’s a beautiful girl, one year and one month older than A. Our visit is a major highlight of this trip for me.

Sunday took us home to Springfield. Spent Monday doing laundry and getting some pics printed along with a bit of shopping and spent the evening visiting my brother and wife, C & C, along with their oldest son and family. We ended the day with a walk around a lovely pond with waterfall overflowing the banks due to the rain today.

More to come…. Branson tomorrow… Yay!

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