Friday, July 21, 2006

Travel Tales #2

Almost home.

Calgary to Eustis. B's Best friend from college. Still best friends.
Eustis to Omaha. Brother & sis-in-law hugged, neice applauded, hearts blessed. Re-established friendship with J's college best friend and her mom.
Omaha to Springfield. Deepened love for family. Empathized with overly busy life of neice & hubby (parents of four) building a new house. Fun but frenetic. Hugged big bro Chuck as much as I could. Helped sis in law Carol with food, a little laundry, and a gift or two. Hiked with nephew Jeff, floated down the river on a lazy day, barely missed stepping on a copperhead snake, brushed by poison ivy twice, watch the grazing cows in next door pasture from the comfort of his back deck, visited my face off with his wife Jill, visited the obligatory tourist mecca: Branson... and Silver Dollar City.

Had our vow renewal ceremony with 20 of our closest family and friends. Uncle Bob came from Kansas and prayed a blessing. The rest were local. Bro Chuck did the honors of tying the double knot. Deb, Jeff and Joe did reprises of their original roles as attendants by reading scripture, poem, or saying nice things. All done in the lush backyard of the chuch in front of a flowered arch under the spreading mimosa tree. Cake, punch and fruit plate after. Pics later.

Springfield to Eustis. Second time to Vern's. Shorter and sweeter. Hotter too. Record temps - 39 degrees celcius.

Eustis to Cheyenne. Uneventful.

Cheyenne to Jackson. Beautiful, barren, remote, gorgeous drive. Vibrant, hopping resort town. We decreed we shall return - to ski and hike (not on the same trip). Ski Jackson Hole and Targhee resorts. Hike a lot of neat trails in the Teton range.

Jackson to Yellowstone. Boated across Jenny Lake, hiked to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point against much moaning by the younger male about not having the right gear. Drove up a mountain for a better view. Drove over the dam with pelicans fishing below. Saw Old Faithful blow, 10 minutes late according to estimates. What nature spot listens to park wardens anyway? Silly B.

West Yellowstone overnight. Run screaming.

Yellowstone to Kallispell. Long way home, yes. Glacier's Going-to-the-Sun Road tomorrow. Must charge camera batteries - only space for 400 pictures remaining on my 1 gig card.

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  1. Logan Pass is one of the prettiest place in the entire world.

    And I've been to at least 45 countries!