Monday, July 31, 2006

The Wedding

B's neice Rachael was married on Friday, July 28. We were delighted to attend the garden wedding with the reception under the stars. The weather held and the rain only started after the bridal couple had departed. We enjoyed a wonderful ceremony with thoughtful vows and beautiful bride and groom, then a lovely meal, partly catered, partly contributions (salads and desserts) from friends and family. It was on the lawn of close friends who have been mentors and youth leaders for many years.

While I enjoy almost every wedding I attend, this was a wedding where I really had FUN. After the dinner, there was a dance for those that wanted to do so. I grew up in the context of dancing being taboo, but at a wedding, it is a beautiful time of sentiment, fun and celebration. A had a nice visit with S during dinner, and after Rachael got him on the dance floor, he took S for a spin as well.

I never learned to dance with my feet, but my heart certainly danced.

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