Saturday, September 09, 2006


On September 27, 2005 my son was terribly disappointed to not be selected to the top team in our hockey association. I had prayed a great deal about this and knew that God would place him where He willed, and in the place where we would be shaped more into His character and have opportunity to share His love with others.

However, after the decision was announced, it was a sad time for us all, because he wanted it so much. My reading that night was from Psalm 90:13-17 and I claimed it as a promise. "Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love that we may sing for joy....Make us glad for as may days as you have afflicted us... may (your) favor rest on us.... establish the work of our hands..."

In faith, I claimed those verses. I didn't know when God would let us sing for joy, I didn't know when we would be glad, I didn't know how he would show favor or establish the work of our (A's) hands, but I truly believed He would.

So tonight, when this was the scripture passage read in the service, I marveled at what the Lord was saying. After I got home, I received the phone call from the coach of the top team in our association. A has been drafted. This is the level of team from which 14 year olds are drafted to the WHL.

Now, his spot is not yet guaranteed on the team, as they still have to make further cuts by the end of September, but he will practice and play in exhibition games until they decide which of the 3 drafted goaltenders they will retain. Even then, the one who is cut can still attend practices if they wish and would be called up in the event one of the selected goalies is injured.

So, remaining faithful in the little things, playing your best where you are placed, taking additional instruction, these things all add up to developing your skills to prepare you for the future. As it is for our physical skills, so it is for our spiritual skills.... exercise faith in little things, do your best where you are placed, learn from every experience, these things add up to developing your character to prepare you for the future and what God may have in store next week, next month or next year.

Psalm 37:28,40 - "the Lord ... will not forsake his faithful ones, they will be protected forever...he delivers them because they take refuge in him."

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