Friday, October 13, 2006

Humdudgeons or Contentment

Humdudgeons: A loud complaint about a trifle.

I get so tired of others doing this. When I worked for the airline, one family was relating the story to me regarding their lost bag. They were so angry I felt I should try to do something to rectify the situation.

So I asked "When did this occur?"

The man looked at the woman and she said "Oh, it was when I was pregnant with Brady (not his real name)." Brady was six years old. Yet their anger was as hot as if it had happened yesterday. I know lost baggage is a huge inconvenience, but after six years? Get over it!

I wanted to express a humdudgeon myself today. But once again, God spoke to me through His word via the written words of Elisabeth Elliot. Read it here. Believe me, it's worth the five minute detour. But only if you want to get over what ever it is that is causing you to be humdudgeonly.

Encourage one another,

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