Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Another Win

AGB had a very good game Sunday, one of his best so far. The entire team performed well. To quote a Sports Illustrated article about an NHL goaltender: "Does the player make the team? Does the team make the player? Does it matter?" We won 6-4 over the team who had just taken top spot in the Minor Hockey week tournament and has been buzzing around top spot in the league all season. Our team is now at 500. Pretty good after losing the first six games of the season.

Fame is fleeting. At this level of hockey, opportunity for great success lies in every team, every player. However, the exceptional skill found in a Gretzky or Crosby is truly a near-miraculous gift. Psychologists and coaches constantly seek the right words, best formula, the perfect line for success (read: win). They try different drills, video review, motivational speeches, team building, social connections, strict regimens. Ultimately, in the final moments, it may simply be about attitude and perseverance - never say die.

Though the stats don't encourage hope, I believe some parents on the team fully expect their children to be in the NHL someday. Perhaps they will. It is not mine to disparage their dreams.

What do I dream for my son?

I pray that he will consistently give his best effort to noble causes. That he will laugh and dance and sing. That he will love God and care for others. I pray that his life is free from the bondage to ego1 and that he will invest himself in those things that count for eternity.

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  1. Good dreams! I'm sure he'll catch your heart for his future - even as you support him in this dream-come-true for now. You must be so proud.