Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Driving Lessons

He ventured onto Deerfoot Trail. Six lanes of curving freeway, merging maniacs, speed demons.

Saturday night at 11 pm, things were quiet enough to get his feet wet with a first short stint.

Sunday a bit more. Monday the true test: 20 kms on three main thoroughfares at the tail end of rush hour. Only one brief moment at a stoplight when he expressed stress: "I'm not doing very well." I thought he was doing great and told him so!

Tonight the icing: all the way to Chestermere. Highway speeds, out in the country. No street lights.

"It's sort of like a video game, ony for real," he laughed. The DisneyWorld auto racing games were pretty realistic (except for the part where you crashed and felt no pain).

One minor scrape of the rim against the curb in the school parking lot. He quickly forgot that when, on our arrival, the team captain exclaimed with th e others: "Hey, you drove?"

Big smile. Overly nonchalant reply as he runs to join them....


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