Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I am on retreat with the staff. We had an encouraging sharing and worship time before diving in to dinner and then on to reality game show, church style. We had a Veggie Tales dance pad, PS2 guitars, and Karaoke. Pastor did Louis Armstrong. Very well. I did Alvin the Chipmunk.

I had an hour of free time and drove up to the base of Ha Ling peak. I plan to climb it as early as possible in the spring. It was a glorious late afternoon with the sun setting behind Banff and casting its glow on the mountains in the Bow Valley corridor on the far side of Canmore.

The Spray Lakes road took me winding up to the top along the reservoir far above Canmore (that would do some damage to the town if ever the dam broke) and right at the base of Ha Ling are several popular hiking trails. It was deserted since it is late winter - only a couple of cars passed by in the time I was there.

No camera available, I had to settle for the lower quality snapshots from my phone. It was beautiful. A personal retreat.

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