Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Myers Briggs

The reason I am tired.

I had two of the four letters in the personality type that were "too close to call" and had to wade through the 4-5 page descriptions of the four possible type combinations: ENTJ, INTJ, ENTP, INTP; in order to determine which sounded most like me.

I did this in the wee hours Saturday night/Sunday morning. We are discussing them and doing group activities at the staff retreat tomorrow through Thursday. After seeing the schedule, I'm more tired. On a retreat, we have to be up and at 'em BEFORE normal working hours. Yikes.

I'm leaning towards the "I" in Myers Briggs BIGTIME.

Not really. I am an extrovert. The idea of introspection intrigues me because it smacks of quiet and that is so unusual in my life. I get energized by interacting with people. Even my blogging, done in the quiet of the night and bent on navel-gazing is still another form of interacting with others.

Back to Myers Briggs...

ENTJ. More like me than most of the others. "The Leader" screams the title. It will be interesting watch us being paired up in groups of similar types. Who will take charge in the "Leader" group? No wonder at work I find myself in such tension always - in my support role. I get to organize others, but I'm not in charge. Whether or not my organizing succeeds depends completely on their cooperation. Sort of like success at parenting depends a great deal on your child's cooperation.

(He's a teenager. Nuff said.)

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