Monday, April 02, 2007

So I've been tagged for 5 Things I'm Obsessed With

Was tagged by someone new: la tomate. And that's a new one, being "tagged". But since I'd like part of my obit to read "played well with others..." I am going to do this one:

Five things I'm obsessed with....

1. Hockey.

Primarily my son's team, or anything hockey to do with my son competing. Any time my son is competing I have to be there. Even when he's not in net and even when they are just practicing, I still love watching his team because I like the high level of play and I liked the hockey parents this year - fun to sit and visit during practices and games.

AND NHL hockey, especially the Calgary Flames. A one-third share in season tickets is just not enough any more.

2. Graphic layout.

I recently took a course in Adobe InDesign CS2. I now want Adobe Illustrator and would love more assignments at work that let me use them both and let me tweak my designs to take them from good to great, etc. Oh, if only there were less deadlines and more creative allowance!

3. Words

I blog, play Scrabble and Quiddler, write poetry, talk, analyze, try to articulate accurately and insist that others spell accurately and pronounce words correctly.

4. Building character in my son

Not so much an obsession as a felt need and fulfillment of the parent's job requirement. I try not to overdo the number of times I seize the "teachable moment" but I grab my share and hope he absorbs it. Today as he prayed for "those making the decision" about who would be on the team competing in Alberta Cup, he wasn't praying selfishly... that's positive character.

5. Getting clothes that help slenderize.

Seems trivial. This could also be classed under "What do you do that is a waste of time."

I'm going to tag Sue. She likes words too.... perhaps she'll play along.

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