Sunday, April 01, 2007

Alberta Cup

"SHHHHHSSSKKh shsk shhhskh ...."

Skates striding along the ice

Royal Purple

The colour of AGB's jersey as he competes, flashing post to post with lightening reflexes.


A slapshot.


The sound of a puck hitting goalie pads.

This weekend is a Zone Camp for Alberta Cup tryouts. This year, any male born in 1992 is eligible to try out. We have a wide array of skills but by far, the bulk of players on the ice were on Bantam AAA teams this year.

For those who are selected, the Alberta Cup is a whirlwind two week long preparation for a 4 day tourney involving 8 teams selected in similar zone camps across Alberta. It is the first rung on the ladder toward much more... ultimately the World Under 17 Hockey Challenge.

While the chances are slim of being selected (20 goaltenders vying for 2 positions, 59 forwards for 12 slots, and over 40 defensemen for 6), it is a wonderful experience and great way for a 14 year old to spend the weekend.

I love the sounds of the arena. I love sitting with friends to cheer our boys. I love to see our boys exerting all of their energies to perform at their peak. I don't love the chatter of gossip, the suspicion of how "They" choose the final 20 team members. I have learned through the years that suspicion is simply fear of the unknown by one who is not part of the decision-making process. It is hard for a parent. They've done everything they can to prepare their son for this moment and they must now take their hands off and wait.

I even experienced some creative juices as I tried to determine how one spells my favorite sound:


One more puck stopped by AGB's pads.


  1. It takes a special kind of bravery to be the Goalies Mom.

  2. Just the bravery of letting your child be what they want to be...

  3. but the butterflies are a little troubling at times... thanks for the encouragement.