Monday, May 28, 2007

And the word was made flesh....

Since Jesus was God's Word personified (see John 1), it is no small thing that words are significant in the currency of eternity. So what I say now is not spoken flippantly. Today I mouthed the words - out loud - to someone who asked what I do:

"I'm a writer."

It was the first time I've described myself in that manner. I made it a statement of fact. I didn't say I was a good writer. I said it because of reading recently in another writer's column: "If you want to be a writer, start telling people you ARE a writer."

I almost like better my friend's self-described occupation: "I'm a communicator." More encompassing. Yet also evaluative. It concludes that you are communicating. And again, another acquaintance described himself as a "leader," but no one was following.

I can't lead unless someone follows.
I can't communicate unless someone listens.
However, I can write whether anyone else reads it or not.

But lo, and behold, here you are, reading! Thanks for hanging in!

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