Saturday, May 26, 2007

First Day of Summer Vacation? (A mini-rant)

I can't believe it. I was reading someone else's blog and they said their kids were out of school for summer. It snowed here yesterday.* I don't even have my bedding plants out yet. Looking at the calendar, I realize that 25+ years in Canada have re-tuned my clock to only 2 months of summer.

I don't know why Canadian schools stay in session until the end of June. Perhaps it is because they can. Where I grew up in southern Missouri, my schools weren't air conditioned and it was a semi-tropical climate. We sweltered in the heat. Canadian weather, on the other hand, never really requires air conditioning (except, perhaps, for 2 days in late July), never justifies a swimming pool (except, perhaps, if it is indoors) and allows students to go to school year round (a common thing in some areas, as apparently shorter more frequent vacation breaks mean students have better retention and take less review at the beginning of each new grade.)

When an unnamed source chose to make a very opinionated statement about the Canadian educational system being much better than American, I asked why. The reply? "Because they go to school a month longer every year."

The speaker obviously was the poster child for why longer is not necessarily better.

*Just for the record, that is a record even for my Canadian home town.

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