Friday, May 04, 2007

I'll Never Forget

Friday's Feast got me thinking. I will never forget ...

... waking up on Mother's Day, 1996, to the phone call from my brother: "Well, Shosa, your mamma's gone to be with Jesus."

... the other losses I've had: brother, sister in law, dad, nephew, 2 neices neice, 2 dogs, dear family friends, a dozen high school classmates.

... the labour and birth of my son in 1992 and how glad I was that my mother could be present.

... the passion of courtship with my husband - even 25+ years later!

... the northern lights in the Northwest Territories

... seeing grafitti on my garage door from an irate neighbor whom I turned in for something rather trivial

... being kicked repeatedly in an elevator by, what turned out to be, a mentally disabled man.

... my son's birth, salvation, baptism, first stitches, first shut out, second stitches, first girlfriend, third stitches, first time driving, first solo, last hug.

Wanna play along? Post 5 things (or more) you'll never forget and post your link in my comments.

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  1. oh my, some potent memories there! Interesting.