Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Lesson a Day - I'm good for 3 days now.

I'm 49 years old and I learned something new today. I always love it when I learn something new. Actually, I learned a couple of things.

I learned what my new title will be: Communications Manager

I learned that I enjoy taking action photos.

I learned to be a better softball player.

From last time, the lesson I learned was that stretching is essential. I did so.

I learned that it is good when only three of the guys showed up for practice. That allowed the four women a lot more time for fielding practice.

I learned the larger glove I just purchased - specifically designed for softball and larger than my last glove - helps my game. Fewer errors.

One of the guys taught us a couple techniques. He is a sporting goods sales rep, so he should know what he's talking about! I learned a competitive guy can also be very helpful and patient.

I tried pitching. Throw it underhanded, with at least a 6 ft. arch, to cover a distance of 53 feet and hit a rectangular target - about 18" x 24". It's difficult. I learned that consistency would take a significant amount of time.

He also taught us to go down on one knee to back up my glove hand when fielding a ground ball. Based on the matched bruises on each shin, I learned at least two ways not to field a ground ball. Though bruised, the ball did not get past me!

It was a good day.

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