Monday, June 04, 2007

Softball Tourney

We are beginning to refer to ourselves as "The Team that Hasn't Won". Nothing changed over the weekend at the tournament. At least the people are nice. No disappointment there. The weather was gorgeous, we enjoyed free breakfast (pancakes & sausage) and the coach brought a shade tent, a cooler of water and a ton of juicy watermelon.

Our first of three games WAS close - only a three run difference.

I see you smiling. Three runs - that's way better than our 32-8 loss from the seeding round!

Apparently, when you play like a girl, you get to play by yourself in right field where the grass is wet and the mosquitos are hungry - because not many high pop flies make it out that far. The one hit that came close was, I'm certain, being chased by a gopher who must have tripped me enroute, because I ended up on my knees while attempting to field the ball which really should have rolled foul but stayed just inside the line because I apparently needed humbling.

I'm practicing my sarcasm because it soothes the competitive spirit. I keep reminding myself I joined softball to be active and meet nice people.* I didn't realize at the time that I had an unspoken expectation that we would win. Often.

Lesson of the day: Get used to disappointment!

*At least the people are nice. No disappointment there. And the weather was gorgeous. And I got to practice taking lots of action photos which I will post tomorrow.

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