Friday, May 11, 2007

Love and Mercy

In honour of Mother's Day, my colleague, Craig, came in on his day off to open the Café exclusively for making specialty coffees for all the women in the office.

This generous and thoughtful act seems simple at first glance, but the ripples of his kindness brought several more complex joys to pass. As Craig made special orders unique to the taste of each individual:

- the women who walked down together shared community
- we bonded a little more through shared stories in our brief "coffee break"
- laughter and tears both were the result of an open, accepting atmosphere
- we were refreshed by a delicious treat
- we witnessed humble service in action.

This is Giving. This is Encouragement. Taking your God-given abilities and stewarding them faithfully in a manner that blesses others and raises the life experience to a new level. A simple cup of cold water or a specialty cup of hot coffee offered in Jesus' name becomes a pleasing aroma and beautiful offering to our King.

I have worshipped God this morning because my friend made me coffee.

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