Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The makings of an unhappy life

Appliances. I'm getting three tomorrow. A new stove, a new fridge and a new clothes dryer. All I asked for was a new dryer because the squeaking on the old one was giving me tinnitus. But, we had a lovely salesperson and there was such a good sale and huggy never liked the stove that came with the house anyway.

"appliance." Online Etymology Dictionary. Douglas Harper, Historian. 29 May. 2007. dictionary.com 1561, "action of putting into use," from apply. Meaning "instrument, thing applied for a purpose" is from 1597.

Does that mean I have to use them? Will they cease to be appliances if they are not applied to the purpose they were designed? Use it or lose it?

What if I as a person don't apply myself to the purpose for which I was designed? Living daily with unrealized potential, the makings of an unhappy life.

Of course, cleaning the old appliances is none too pleasant either. Apparently a DQ "Blizzard" was left uncoverd in the fridge (? - not the freezer!), was knocked over and spilled down the inside back of the fridge, all over the cold water coils, the fridge light, the overflow drip pan. Let's just say that what I originally thought was a short job turned out to be a rather strenuous workout.

And then I unhooked the water line and found it had been leaking onto the hardwood floor for some time. SO, I guess getting new appliances is a good idea, even if they just sit there and look pretty. :-)


  1. Nice! I'm hoping this will be me too once we move to a new place. Our appliances are old as Methuselah. Our fridge has been incontinent for quite a while. I think there's something wrong with the frost-free mechanism, because there are puddles on the tops of all things stored at the back of the shelf.

  2. Yes, new is SO nice! I didn't realize how old everything was getting until I put the new items in.... it's starting a reno trend, I think!