Friday, May 18, 2007

Softball, Round 3 (ding ding)

It's an oxymoron.

There's nothing soft about it.

My nickname is "Quads" because I don't have any. Well, they are there, but they don't work. I think they must be unionized government employees. Especially when I tell them to sprint. I can hear them laughing.

I gave you a brief history of the world after our first practice. Since then I skipped the batting cages and played the first game, where I sat out the first three innings, got a base hit after being subbed in and then promptly asked for a pinch runner because of being quad-challenged.

I skipped the second game because I would have been a scratch and decided the weather was nice enough and I didn't have any better offers, so I played game three tonight. Well, they did promise DQ after.

Sat out the first three innings again... learned to scorekeep... (apparently men think university graduates with XX chromosomes can't do it without supervision). Then I subbed in after 3 innings and took first base. I played like a girl. It really ticked me off. Dropped two balls, then got it together and caught the rest. Got a base hit and an RBI and another pinch runner.

We lost again. Soundly. Apparently, not only is there no crying in baseball, there's to be no winning either. Why is there no one in my age bracket on the other team???

We ended the evening at DQ with the XY's analyzing and XX's (at least this one) telling jokes. I gotta get a bigger glove.

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  1. Oh Joyce, you sure know how to describe what it feels like to play baseball when the mind is willing - but the body not so much so! I guess you will have to learn to be proud of playing like a girl. I'm personally very proud that you are giving it a go. Go-Joyce-Go!!