Monday, July 09, 2007

Europe: Amsterdam

Day 2 - Amsterdam

Walked to the train station, 40 minute ride into Centraal Station, walked to Anne Frank Museum.

Read the book, watch the movie... remember... remember... remember!

Walking tour, visit to Riksmuseum Napped on the grass in the park, then Canal Cruise. Narrow homes, zillions of bicycles, water water everywhere. Architecture and incredible recovery of the land as most is below sea level.

Lots of teaching from our very knowledgeable guide...

Great dinner at local Haarlem restaurant ... trying to speak the language as I am their country, they should not have to cater to me. Most Nederlanders know English, but I try to speak some of their language... as much as I can. It is my world that needs expanding, after all.

Here are pictures of the trip so far.

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