Saturday, September 01, 2007

Revved up

The deadline may be over but I want to keep writing. I'm attending a writers' conference at the end of September. Cool. I always wanted to write but it was more of a romantic notion that looked a lot like work.

Now I have a job that is all about writing. Go figure. I'm getting paid to write.

And design.

Do you know how much fun it is to design? In the past two weeks, I produced a 24 page magazine, including the cover design. Today I created an index, altered a logo, removed a background from a portrait, and printed the contents of the catalogue.

I also had great conversations with most of my coworkers and finished in time (the last two nights) to watch my son at hockey tryouts.

Tonight was the goaltending skills evaluation.

I am so proud to be watching him play at this level. He played his best tonight - allowed no goals against during his stint in the game, and then pokechecking and stonewalling the shooters trying to score on him during evaluations. He's not a standout star, but he's solid and he's passionate. Growth continues.

I love that he's found his own strength and is finding his way.

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