Saturday, October 27, 2007


A workaholic business woman shares a rare glimpse of crystal clarity:
“I'm a very logical woman. I know how to separate facts from emotion. But when it comes to my baby, the world stops spinning.”

My mind races back to that place and the one who fills that space in me. Where the clear air filters health into each breath, the sun radiates joy filled warmth through the rough wool cardigan and that certain hand on my shoulder ushers in world peace.

Our laughter dances and rumbles through daily windstorms and turbulent moisture-laden storm clouds, streaming like escaped sunbeams onto the freshly healed brow where furrows used to run.

Your touch ricochets through the echoing cavern of my heart, exploding into a voluminous cosy comforter: filling, warming, satisfying.

The mind - settled. The heart - content. The world - at rest.

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