Saturday, October 27, 2007

Poetry Class Assignment #2: Where I'm From

I am from Ozarks, from Quaker Oats and hard work.
I am from the rough-and-tumble;
ill-fitting hand-me-down boots unbuckled and dripping on the lino.
I am from the cicada's nighttime roaring;
the aroma of flowering mimosa
and stifling humidity blanketing clammy skin.
I am from singing grace and debating dogma,
from Frank and Eva
and too many lives cut short.

I am from the truth and obligated to share it.
From remember Whose you are,
there's gotta be a better way,
and because I'm your father.
I am from sacrifice for others,
obedience brings blessing and Jesus loves me.

I'm from the Show Me State and Russian Mennonites,
warm cinnamon rolls and juicy watermelon.
From 8 brides for 7 brothers, from singing and laughter.
From the artistic grandfather 
and the dad who made an RV from a hearse.
I am from boxes of Kodak slides,
record albums piled in dusty corners,
unpublished poem books
and warm caramel memories not yet eaten.


  1. I enjoyed this immensely...way to go!!

  2. It was both a challenge and an enjoyable journey down memory lane.

  3. Very nice, J - and revealing too. Well done!