Friday, October 26, 2007

Sneezing and Blushing

When one is busy, the hidden things don't get the attention they need.

Like the bottles on the shelf in the laundry room.

Or the baseboards.

Underneath the refrigerator.

In the back of the pantry.

... and last but not least... my personal favorite....

The ceiling fan.

I've been preparing rooms for the painter. He's very good and very thorough and works a steady pace. It has taken four days to do the main floor (closets included) and he still has the dining room to do. Granted he did the upstairs bath and stairwell to the basement today, too. I need to yet prepare my bedroom for him to paint it. That involves moving the furniture to the centre of the room and clearing out the closet.

Oh, and my hubby isn't around. I'm doing this alone.

Say a prayer for me.


  1. Oh that husband of yours!!!...he picked a fine time to be away didn't he! He's going to owe you big time! ha ha ha

  2. He's out there earning the big bucks so we can afford the house!