Saturday, October 13, 2007


The Midget Chiefs won their exhibition game tonight, 4-3 over PSA. BackerBoy played the second half of the game and managed to hold them off during a two minute 5 on 3 penalty kill. His game wasn't perfect though. A couple screened shots got through.

I met most of the parents for the first time in my role as team manager, a role I took on rather hesitantly. When Coach asked at the parent meeting if anyone had managed before, I actually slid down in my seat because I had managed two years in a row, prior to last year. My last year managing, I had a high maintenance, hands-on coach - a nice guy, but a major work generator. I didn't have a day job at the time (by choice) so it worked out okay but I promised myself I'd never manage again.

Last year we volunteered to wash jerseys. Stinky job, but it's quiet, steady, necessary work.

However, by the end of our parent meeting the other night, Coach had to ask a second time and underscore that we must have a manager. The other parents are two years ahead of us and seemed to be more than a little wearied of all the volunteering that hockey entails, so I volunteered.

And then there are the other things I'm doing....
A poetry class. Mondays for 8 weeks
Coaching four women's life group leaders.
Working four days per week.
Preparing our house to sell in spring.
Hockey events 3-4 nights per week.

And then there are the things my son is doing that require my chauffering....
Volunteering at a downtown coffee shop 1 night.
Guitar lessons.
Coaching younger goalies on a PeeWee team.
Youth group.

And I have a husband too...
Traveling out of town for work.
Attending NHL games.

Chores, laundry, cleaning, organizing, driving, cheering, emailing, phoning. Occasional sleep.

This blog is my quiet life. The time to reflect, share, exhale.

Thanks for sharing it with me.

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