Sunday, November 25, 2007

So it's been a busy week

Well, finally I have a moment to sit quietly and reflect.

The house purchase went through. Conditions were waived. They are now legally bound to buy our place. We have time to have our new place painted before we move in. We'll also put new carpet in the bedrooms. And, I have to find an alternate color to the peach. It was lovely in the '80s, but never on me.

I am singing in the worship band this weekend. It's not fun this time. Vocally messy.

I have written more poetry in the last six weeks than in six years. I finished the second edition of our church magazine of programs. Twenty-four pages, yet I'm feeling so uncreative. I need some inspiration.

One nephew is getting married in Tennesee in May. Another nephew's wife just had their second baby, a boy. The first was a girl. Perfect. I had a great massage today from the therapist. The pastor is speaking on lust/purity this weekend (the last in the seven part series on seven deadly sins).

I don't know if anyone reads this blog besides, perhaps, Sue and Violet. No one else comments and I'm too tired to be creative and witty tonight. I'm thinking of buying the t-shirt that says "More people have read this t-shirt than your blog."

Prove me wrong and leave a comment.


  1. does it count if you already know I read it?

  2. I read your blog every week. I find your honesty refreshing. My kids are about the same age as your son. Also, my job is convient like yours, I'm able to be with my kids after-school too! Which I'm finding very important with all the challenges that face our Teens! So, am I proving you wrong yet?

  3. Okay. That's good. Now I'll have to be more creative. :-)

  4. Not true for me, auntie! Not today anyway; I'm catching up!