Thursday, January 24, 2008

Halfway There

The house is packed. The movers come tomorrow to load. Deliver Friday.

I'm sleeping in the new house tonight. Had a soak in the big tub (no jacuzzi, sigh). We have internet, cable tv, telephone, almost like we never skipped a beat.

I almost lost my phone number. Literally. For good. Gonzo. Into oblivion. But they got it back for me. It won't be live until Friday. In the meantime, if you call it, you'll get my voice giving you my cell phone number. Good thing I remembered where I packed my cell phone charger.

Tomorrow I have to show up where I get paid for working. After I let the movers in the house, I'll work until I get my weekly bulletin done (designed, printed, delivered). Brent and Andrew are skiing.

Here we are with our latest electronics.
Right up to date, as usual. :-)

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