Saturday, January 26, 2008

Thinking Outside the Box

Well, we're in. And yet we're not. The truck is emptied and gone, the old place is cleaned, just a few odds and ends (chemicals and aerosols) to clear out. I haven't gotten my phone number back yet.

It truly does give new meaning to the old phrase "thinking outside the box" when everything is temporarily lost inside all these boxes.

I must say, the movers were spectacular. Packed everything so beautifully, protected everything so carefully with blankets and floor runners. Nice polite collection of strong gentlemen: Craig, who works here because there's no work in Winnipeg where he'd prefer to live with his wife and 5 year old boy. Chuck, the youngest (at 20), just became a father on New Year's Eve and was the good natured recipient of significant teasing. Blair, proud father of four, looks like he might enjoy riding a Harley on his days off, but went about his duties like the strong silent type he is. Mike, young, tall drink of water; pleasant and hardworking, quick to the task and quicker with a smile; thrilled to take our old triple dresser off our hands. And the senior member, a few years older than I, a little crusty but courteous; couldn't enjoy the donuts we supplied because of borderline diabetes.

They manouvered everything so expertly and in the full semi-trailer of stuff, only nicked one small place in the wall. Haven't found anything broken yet either. Well packed. Well equipped. Well trained. Highland Moving. Call them if you decide to move.

And then there's me. Sigh. Addle-brained. Had to finish the weekly bulletin and get it printed/distributed myself using the new folding machine which I'm not real crazy about (somewhat inaccurate) and then create a document using a template I've never seen before. Tomorrow I print and distribute that.

I got 2/3 of the kitchen unpacked. Our bedroom is almost set up. Still have some clothes covering the bed so we're sleeping on the guest bed for the third night. Not the most comfy mattress.

The boys are up early tomorrow. Andrew is skiing at Sunshine - training with his ski club, and Brent's taking him to catch a ride with our former neighbors at 6:30 am. Sigh. Perhaps I'll sleep in on Sunday.

The mountains are beautiful. If I ever get tired or frustrated, I just go sit at the window and drink them in. That alone washes away everything else.

Outside the box, indeed.

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