Sunday, January 13, 2008

Moving Moods

Well, I was finally overwhelmed. Saturday, after spending all day Friday in the "new" house, it all came to a head, waking with more anxiety - moving beyond "how is everything going to get done" to "nothing is going to work." I had a meltdown.
Furniture doesn't fit, the guys delivering the refrigerator had the wrong delivery address and now can't deliver for another week, carpet can't be installed before the painting, need new light fixtures, on and on the list goes.

What is it about our moods that can drag us down so hard so fast?

It was accented this morning in church as the pastor spoke on "love is patient, love is kind" and I made a mental list of all the ways I fall short. It's been a hard couple of days.

Now I'm sick. Brent had something for the past week and I thought I'd kept my distance, but not from the sounds of my coughs nor the achy feeling in my bones. Not good timing. Contractors coming to the "new" place tomorrow and Tuesday.

On the upside, Andrew was in net last night as his team won their third game since Christmas. He made some great saves. Got some carpet at a good price and actually have an installer booked. The painter is not coming till Tuesday so I have Monday to prep the house (if I can get out of bed).

If you don't have to move... don't. If you're a praying person, do pray for us.


  1. Aww - no fun. I know the crisis is probably past, but I'll pray anyway.

  2. You know the feeling - yes. Having an overlap of time between properties is a two-edged sword, but work is progressing, we are getting things done.