Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Bend and Stretch

Sometimes in our lives, we all have duties that we do because we must.

Others we do because we can.

Still others we do because we love.

Monday I made many phone calls. It started with the one I answered:

"This is a notice for Mr. Harback, booked on Flt XXX from Chicago to (destination) has been cancelled. To rebook another flight please contact Customer Service at 1-800-nnn-nnnn."

He's already on a plane to Chicago. There's no way to reach him.

So I rebooked his flight, called his corporate travel provider, they notified his car rental. Left him a message on his cell phone that everything was handled. He called, standing in line behind 150 0thers and I could tell him it was all handled.

Alas, all flights out of Chicago to his destination were cancelled that day.

He called. "Can you please have the travel agent book me a hotel near the airport?There's no voucher, no assistance, no accommodation."

I did. They got nervous, but found something almost right away. Close by. "Can you change his reservation at his destination for both hotel and car rental. They did.

Today he got on the same flight, same time, as the one cancelled yesterday.

All of this meant many phone calls over many hours with some fretful moments in the interim for him waiting at O'Hare.

Bend over backwards. Stretch out of your comfort zone. That's a pretty good love language.

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  1. Should be good for some serious chocolate on V-day :)