Friday, February 08, 2008


I'm here.

  1. Flight closed on time but we had an hour delay taking off because a door was frozen and would not arm properly.  Any more delay and there'd hardly be any point in going.
  2. Spilled coffee on my seat cushion.
  3. Didn't sleep the night before because I had to meet a deadline.
  4. Kept dropping things (likely because of #3)
  5. Didn't realize we'd missed our exit around O'Hare and drove nearly to Wisconsin before I realized we were going north instead of west to our hotel.

  1. Got to see hubby after a week apart.
  2. Rental car and hotel reservations were problem free
  3. I almost never get direction-twisted. (likely did this time because of #3 above)
  4. Flight attendant switched my seat cushion with a spare from a vacant seat (only one on the plane)
  5. I'll see my nephew tomorrow
  6. We saw the largest mall in the area
  7. I shopped at Bath and Body Works (great new aromatherapy scent: Vanilla Black Currant - oh baby!)
  8. We ate at The Cheesecake Factory (NOT to be confused with it's poor Canadian imitation, the Cheesecake Café.)
  9. Got to see a lovely movie on the flight:  "The Jane Austen Book Club"
  10. I stayed awake.

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