Saturday, March 15, 2008

I've Done It

This week I finished the 28 page magazine of programs, including the cover design.  I am so delighted with completing it.  I had a couple of very short nights as a result, but it's done and I'm pleased with the results.  This is the cover.

In addition, I designed our monthly full-page ad for the eight community newsletters we use for advertising. I also designed our small ad for the Calgary Herald's Easter feature. And I was asked at the eleventh hour to do a hand-out invitation for our Easter services so that our people can give them to neighbors and friends.  

That is all on top of my regular duties (preparing and publishing the weekly bulletin, editing pages on our website, liaison on logos and graphics.

So I haven't had much time to be contemplative but I've certainly been productive.  I'm delighted that I get to sing in the worship band this weekend (three services) so I've been practicing by listening to the songs on my ipod while I was working.

Now I'm going to sleep.  I can't sleep in tomorrow (Saturday) because hubby is going to a men's breakfast and son wants to get a ride for skiing.  I guess I can take a nap.

Speaking of my son, he had an absolutely transformed report card.  I am proud of him.  An 89 percent average.  For a guy who never studies at home (does it all in class), that's amazing.

I'm glad he switched schools.

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