Friday, March 28, 2008

Jasper Travelogue 1

It's spring break. Not for me - I had to take days off.

Drove up with A Wednesday to Jasper on the most beautiful drive in the world between Lake Louise and Jasper: The Icefields Parkway. There's a couple nice scenic shots on this man's website.  Got to Jasper in good time to have supper and a nice rest. He trained today with the coaches. We dined out with three other families tonight - great steak and dessert. Had to move rooms in the hotel in order to get internet access - wireless isn't working at the hotel and so I had to resort to ethernet - at least they had that as an option.

I spent the day working on the weekend bulletin - it's done. Hooray. Got some other things done too for advertising coming events - always a good idea.

A showed me where his mogul competition is tomorrow. I shuddered and almost backed out of coming to watch. The only access to it is via black diamond runs. I haven't skied one of those since before he was born. I haven't skied yet this year and only skied once last year. Still, if I have to slide down on my backside, I'll be there to watch him compete. Pray for me.

Fools rush in...

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