Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Recipe for Disaster

Warning: Emotions are fickle things. Handle with care to not deflate.

Take one life

Stir in:
Over-Commitment and

1 Demanding Hockey Tournament

Throw in:
5 day Ski Competition away from home.

Stir vigorously.
Shake in a dash of Flu Bug.
Bake all day while working non-stop.
While still hot, lather on a dollop of Mattress Shopping with/for a Teenager

Now let it all marinate for several weeks with Installing All New Light Fixtures. When stress level reaches maximum and mercury breaks the themometer, stay up late at night to blog and arrange finished dish on Expectation Platter, garnish with a Budget Deadline.

Fireworks are illegal in Canada. I expect a knock on the door very soon.

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