Monday, March 31, 2008

Jasper Travelogue 4

Sunday was Table Top.

Big air.

Bigger jumps.

Several injuries.

Andrew did a perfect 360 on the first jump, and a great 540 on the second, but his right binding broke at landing and he took a spill. He wasn't injured but had to ski all the way down the hill on one ski.

All in all, he had a great experience and a performance that made me very proud.

For his first competition - at the Provincial level no less - he performed quite well. He had a ball. He enjoyed himself and spent a fun five days doing what he loves most with some very good friends.

I skiied three days. Not a lot - mostly just to get to where his comp was and then back down the hill again. I'm a green run skier and don't mind saying so. No pressure. No adrenalin overload. I do enjoy the view from the top, though, so ski hills, take note: put a green run down from the best view and you've got my patronage for life. Here I am at the top of the Paradise Chair.

The drive home was spectacular. One of my favorite drives in the whole world. Perhaps that is because I've only made the trip twice now. I don't know if I could ever tire of the beauty of God's matchless creation: the play of light as the setting sun illumines each peak; the sawridge tops and crevices highlighted by a new dusting of spring snow overnight; that transcendent moment of awe that goes beyond expectation and into the realm of "This is My gift, enjoy! Drink it in and be satisfied," with love from my heavenly Father.

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