Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy Canada Day

Please read my prayer for Canada here, then come back for more. This blog is all about the things I'm grateful for. Wonderful gifts from God that we get to enjoy.

Well, it’s hard to believe my 15 yr. old is off skiing on a glacier. 

Yes, you read that right. Skiing. In July. 

He’s in Whistler for 8 days – he flew out with his best friend (a gold-medalist in Freestyle Skiing at the Alberta Winter Games) and they are sharing a hotel room with another young man in the Momentum Ski Camp. They have a kitchenette so they fix their own snacks, even though the camp provides three restaurant meals a day – they are hungry growing boys. He says groceries are expensive. Surprise surprise.

He’s thrilled because all the extreme skiers he’s been watching on his ski movies are there coaching. He gets to rub shoulders and get pointers from all of them.

He gets home Thursday, we attend Stampede parade on Friday in reserved seats at a hotel which includes a nice breakfast. Then he has fitness testing for his ski club on Saturday. We’re trying to find a time to get his driver’s education done, but that’s hard with all our planned events and him working.  Did I tell you about his job?  Another blog for another day.

I have another big deadline this week at work so I’m really under the gun because I was sick with flu (cold/fever/sinus pain) since Friday. Spent all day Sat/Sun in bed, and most of yesterday. Even today I’m exhausted, though B and I did get out to an awning company so we can order a custom awning to help block the sun on our back deck. They have some nifty motorized systems – very nice quality – will basically make it like another room outside and reduces the impact of the hot sun on the inside temperature.

We are so enjoying the blessing of air conditioning. It is so nice to come into a climate controlled house – we don’t even think about it except to marvel at how nice it is and recall how stifling it would have been in the other house. We have had three nice weekends of entertaining people in our home and sitting on the deck. Watching the sun set behind the mountains is just such a beautiful experience. Of course you know the walk along the ridge is lovely too. A has entertained several groups of friends as well and they are making good use of the basement. This really was a wonderful choice for a home. Want to come share our view with us?

I should go. I need to rest. Big day tomorrow.

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