Sunday, July 20, 2008

Life - and nothing like it

I have been struggling within myself about the reality of my home life and what I need to do to improve it, logistically.  I work 30 hours per week and volunteer another 4. I attend church on the weekend and once per month I sing in all weekend services.  My son is very active and needs transportation to sports and other activities. We live in a large city, so with traffic and distances between destinations, errands and trips can be time consuming.

All these commitments mean that I do not spend much time at home.  As a result, necessary duties are too often left undone.  My husband shoulders more of the household chores than what is appropriate. Lower priority items (still important) sometimes go undone for months. Family's basic needs go unmet.  They don't complain.  They assert that they do not feel neglected.

In reading another site tonight, the author articulated something about loving God and how that plays itself out in our lives. She stated one way we express our love for Him is "by loving, caring for and protecting others." This is where I fall short and want to change. In my attempts to protect my son, he said "I know you care, Mom, but sometimes, it's SCARY care." In my impatience during high stress or looming deadlines, I am not very loving. In fact, I can be downright miserable. Preparing nutritionally balanced meals is a challenge I rarely meet. Oh, they feed themselves, there's plenty of food available, but their choices aren't usually balanced.

So.  The best way I know to serve God is to serve my family.  The only way I can see to do it better is by making more time to do so.  The first and most logical thing would be to quit my paying job.  Pray with me about that, okay?

More to come...

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