Sunday, September 13, 2009

He's Home, but grouchy


I missed my son all weekend. When he came home, I wanted to leave.

Well, not really. I love my son. But I sure like him a lot better when he's not complaining.

I never realized how much of a burden it is for others when one is grouchy. Oh, he's feeling bad that he broke five pairs of skis* water ramping and he's decompressing from the stress of having to qualify the specific jumps he wants to use in competition. The coach has rather stringent rules about what is required to qualify, including successfully completing the same trick five times from five different starting points on the ramp, chosen by the coach.

And he's angry that he left the DVD case containing all his favorite (expensive) ski movies at the hotel. Hopefully we will get them back. Right now he's mad that he didn't have them for the long flight home.

He's also under the weather. In his words, "I always feel like I have a cold." Assuming this is caused by allergies, I went out at 11 p.m. (at his request) and purchased Claritin. Hopefully, it will give him some relief.

My weekend, on the other hand, was quite pleasant and quiet. Potluck dinner with my small group from church on Friday, hiking on Saturday, church and lunch out on Sunday, then a stucco patch job on the exterior of the house.

This is the kind of weekend its been. Nothing spectacular, nothing too boring. Just thought you'd like to know how life is going in our neck of the woods.

But you know, I'm often grumpy. I take it with me when I bump into my spouse and my son (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree). And I wonder... how God must feel when he sees me, his daughter, grumpy?

"Oh that I might praise His name, for his wonderful works to the children of man." (my paraphrase from Psalm 107).

*Two pairs were his. One pair belonged to a friend. Two other pair were "spares" at the jump. I guess we'll be heading for the Max Bell used ski sale again...

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