Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One More Sleep

I feel like dancing

I wake to the thrilling awareness that tomorrow, I have an adventure. It is to be a weekend away. A seminar. A quiet retreat. Time alone balanced with visiting good friends.

I will also meet with a publisher about self-publishing a book of my father's poems. It is a generational effort by an extended family. I will compile and edit the book from pre-work done by my sister-in-law, my niece's husband and my oldest brother.

My husband heads the opposite direction, taking our son to a provincial freestyle ski competition. B is crippled with sciatic pain but recent active release therapy (ART) treatments are giving him some relief. A is finishing the last of his first semester grade 12 Provincial Exams today and will revel in a weekend of skiing, friends and no schoolwork.

Social media proponents and critics are divided about what we should or should not post on blogs, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. This post is just my way of making a brief connection with you. Some of you I know and love, some of you are friends I haven't met yet.

Isn't that what communication is? Learning to listen, learning to love?

Consider yourself hugged!

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