Monday, January 18, 2010


Rocky Mountains kissed by morning sun

Light-sensing streetlamps have not yet dimmed as a pink glow rolls off rising Rockies. This brilliant spectacle framed by my family room window is worthy of any National Geographic video documentary. A Whiskeyjack has flitted his way to suburbia and found a perch on top of my spruce. Together, we pause to watch breathtaking beauty unfold.

Sunrise edges over the horizon, sends its rays west beyond the somber grey of city roofs and barren parkland to ignite liquid flames on white-capped spires and granite peaks. Mirrored light shimmers like molten glass from a firing kiln. But such colour, as if flamingos were dancing on snowy slopes.

A billowy shroud wraps around shoulders of rocky ranges and shares in the beneficence of warming rays. Winds aloft push back sky and smooth an arch, spread corner to corner like silken scarves.

It is a momentary glimpse into gracious eyes of a loving Designer delighting in his masterpiece. A fleeting foreshadowing of heaven, a veil parted so that eternity is awakened again in our aching heart and earth yearns for its redemption. His promise is strung on light, as true as any rainbow, “I am with you always.”

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