Saturday, January 07, 2012

1000 Gifts: Three Graces from People I Love

I've taken on the Joy Dare to name 1000 gifts in a year. See previous post of the first 18 gifts. 

19. Grace One, from my husband, who is a most excellent massage therapist. His back rubs are a self-less gift to ease my tense back and troubled spirit. It is a decompression, de-stressing, great long exhale into peace.

20. Grace Two, from my son, who is a most excellent singer-songwriter-guitarist. His music feeds something in me that was lost in Eden.

21. Grace Three, from a longtime friend who never speaks ill of anyone and always, without fail, helps me to see the sliver of good in any situation or thread of light in myself, no matter how dark and bleak things may appear to me.

(Photo Credit: Limelight Photography, Calgary)

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