Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Catching Up: A Box of Chocolate Gifts

Three Gifts Red for Feb. 7

95. A newborn baby's cheeks. The joy that surrounds this precious life ablaze with love.

96. The wine that was poured out around the dinner table. A feast for a king, shared with dear, lifelong friends who blessed us with an unexpected visit. Oh, such a gift.

97. The light on the cord that shows my computer is being charged. Electricity is an essential gift, taken for granted.

Three Gifts found Outside for Feb. 6

98. Fresh snow. Covers the mud, grime and dirt of yesterday.

99. Mountain peaks, even at a distance that calm me by their stability. Memories and future dreams of walking on the top of those mountains, memorizing their names and faces, getting a little better picture of the God who created us in his image.

100. Gravel. On our street. Keeps the cars from sliding on an icy morning.

One gift stitched, one hammered, one woven for Feb. 5

101. This is a hard one. The stitching of the quilt under which I fall asleep every night. At my feet also lies the quilt my own dear mother stitched. A legacy she left behind, warmth of her hands still present even in her absence.

102. I hammered out a lot of emails on the computer today. Work is a gift. Even if the keyboard gets hammered.

103. The micro fibre and sheepskin throw I use to cosy up and get warm, given by my husband. I use it almost every single day.

Gifts found when bent down for Feb. 4

104. The humility and discipline of cleaning up my own muddy footprints. It is a gift to be able to take care of my own messes. It is a gift to be willing. It is so much easier when I am willing instead of angry, feeling like someone else should take care of me, clean up after me, as if I were an invalid or a child. My gift is self-care and acting in responsible ways to my surroundings and to be a good steward of whatever I touch.

105. Heavy flat bottom pot to cook my beans which are stored on the lowest shelf. Part of a set given to me after a long, hard, summer selling cookware and china door to door. I learned to be persuasive. To read people. I learned when persuading is not always the best idea. The pots remind me every time I use them: sometimes commission is less important than hearing someone tell you their story.

106. Gift of a fresh smelling work fridge, after I bent down to clean out the mouldy food. I am grateful for a job which allows me to serve others. I need to contribute. Work is a good cure for depression (a time when my soul is bent down).

Three Gifts found in writing for Feb. 3

107. Perspective. Like taking a helicopter ride over my life.

108. Expression. To articulate what is in my head and heart in a way someone else can grasp like a life ring or rescue rope and be hauled to safety.

109. Connection. Like taking the pieces of a puzzle, all the problems and thoughts jumbled in my head and dumping them out on the table, sorting through them and finding out what connects with what and even though each piece by itself doesn't make sense, when I write, it all connects to form the beautiful whole.

But, you may say, your title on this blog post makes no sense. I'm "Catching Up"on the Joy Dare. Today's list is like "A Box of Chocolates", you never know what you're gonna get. Each gift must be sampled, tasted, experienced. Some are not my favourite flavours, but they are still sweet. Like a box of chocolates. A gift.

What gifts can you notice in your life today?

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