Monday, February 13, 2012

Handling Life instead of Slamming Doors






S t r e s s e d

Were you in any of these places in the last 24 hours? How did you handle it?

When we ensure we meet our basic need for nutrition, healthy expression of emotion, companionship, rest, and living a balanced life, then it is unlikely we will turn to our drug of choice (drugs, alcohol, food, withdrawal, hostility, fits of rage and so on) to numb ourselves.

If you "acted out" in the last little while, look back to the previous 24 hours to measure how you were doing in the arena of self-care. If you don't do it, no one else will. If you're an adult, chances are your mother isn't looking out for you any more.

I sometimes long for someone to take care of me. Mom is long gone. My longing sometimes comes close to the Cinderella complex when I'm at my weak points. But I shake it off, like a dog emerging from a swim, and I keep going.

Sometimes it's hard. So I continue to number the gifts.

Joy Dare: Feb. 13 - Gifts Found Behind a Door

122. Hugo in 3D (The Movie)  We went behind the door of the movie theatre at my husband's suggestion for Valentine's Day since we are both tied up with commitments apart tomorrow night. It is a poignant story. One in which Hugo goes through a number of doors and even escapes through them. A great movie for all ages, though a couple scenes might be a little tense for the youngest ones.

123. Massage Therapy. A few years ago, I tried out the therapist in the neighbourhood and I haven't gone anywhere else since. Behind closed doors that shut out the world, a massage becomes totally relaxing and therapeutic. Back pain, tension and even tennis elbow simply melt away in a 90 minute session. It's one way I deal with the "S" in HALTS.

124. Solitude. Being alone is not the same as being lonely. Sometimes I am more lonely in a crowd than by myself. I am becoming more introverted as the years wear on. You wouldn't know it from my 1,000 plus blog posts, but while I may seem verbose, most of what you read is a highly pared-down version of an entire jigsaw puzzle of thoughts, feelings, beliefs and ideas I've dumped onto the page and then sorted, edited, deleted and fit together in as concise a format as time allows. I like being alone. I also like people, but the gift today was a lot of time alone.

Question: Did you find any gifts behind a door today? Comment below or link to your own post.

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