Sunday, October 30, 2005

Detail Oriented?

Not really. Turn on the interior light in the van. Forget to turn it off. Need a boost to start the engine two hours later.

Turn off the microphone. Forget to turn it on. Sing but nobody hears until music director walks up and hands me a different mic. How embarrassing.

Think I didn't get a practice CD and find it after my performance is over. Duh.

But, I heard a great message and got to read Psalm 138 for the three weekend services. I witnessed 9 beautiful baptisms. I got to go to lunch with a new friend. I reconnected with an old friend over a very long coffeetime. My goalie son won his first hockey game of the season. I got to read several chapters in my current book while watching his practice. Made tomorrow's lunches for all three of us. Took care of team manager duties.

Sometimes the details really don't matter. As the message said, roll it all over to God (cast all your care on him). He cares for you and he works the night shift. Goodnight - my new day is starting and I need to rest!

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