Monday, October 31, 2005

Fantasyland Nightmare

It's halloween. Not a holiday.

I pay taxes so that my son gets an education. They mandate that he wears a costume to school and shut everything down to hold a dance in the afternoon, calling it Student Appreciation Day. Sound more like holiday for teachers day. "After all," they reason, "the kids will be so wound up, we won't be able to teach them anything anyway." No, actually that would be Nov. 1, the day AFTER they eat all the sugar.

The parade of costumes by my door was a mix of "Nightmare on Elm Street" with "Disney Fantasy" - both are pretty scary. I had one pirate and two Sponge Bob Square pants. My favorite was the pie. She was dressed as a pie. Although there is a certain movie that would make that costume not suitable for younger audiences. Not that I've seen it but the trailers leave no doubt.

I decided since my son has not yet become a teenager (18 more days), I would let him trick or treat one final time. I even caved and gave out candies. I also gave out cool cards with a Bible verse about God's love being the best treat of all. For the kids that asked what it was, I said "It is likely the most valuable thing you get tonight."

I've turned into my mother. Missionary turned housewife. But the tracts are way cooler now.

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