Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Multi Tasking

Take son to school
Practice for singing at weekly women's morning
Lead small group
Practice for next week
Grab takeout lunch
Go home, sit down to eat lunch and watch one hour of tv
Fall asleep for 45 minutes
and wake up just in time for picking up son at school
Go to health clinic for test
shop for guitar stand
Make supper
Check email and talk to coach about managing son's hockey team
Son's guitar lesson cancelled (thankfully for today)
Take phone call when I should have walked out the door
Barely on time for couples' small group
Left PDA behind
home to check email and blog while watching amazing race.
realize there is still no meat for sandwiches tomorrow. Ah. Boiled eggs for egg salad!

Tomorrow I focus on home.
Not poetic but it was a good day.
Realized how God is always making things work into a pattern for good whether we notice or not but how much more interesting it is when I notice.

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