Thursday, October 13, 2005

The New NHL

My evening was emmersed in all things Hockey at the Dome of the Red. 25th Anniversary Year for the Calgary Flames.

Home opener. Lost in overtime 3-2. Son is mad. I tried to look on the bright side. "At least it was exciting!" Lombardi was on fire. I want his number on my souvenir jersey.

Highlights: We received a replica of the banner they raised to the rafters: "Calgary Flames 2003-2004 Western Conference Champions." We were treated to a transcendent opening ceremony which made me realize how much emotion music can evoke when properly applied.

As we left, the NHL gave everyone a replica of the Stanley Cup. It is a duplicate of the one A got at Macdonalds 2 years ago with a happy meal. Kinda felt like getting our noses rubbed in it since the Flames just barely missed out on the cup 2003-04. "Glad you fans came back to help the owners make millions of dollars! Here's a $2 token of our thanks from China." I guess the NHL really hasn't changed that much after all.

Underneath the jaded exterior, the girl in me was jumping with joy that I got to go with A to the game. B was sick.

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