Monday, November 14, 2005

Of no particular importance

Why do I hesitate to blog when I don't have anything profound to say? Life is relationships. The rest is just stuff. So thanks to those of you who are checking here because you want to keep up to date in our relationship. If you're checking for profundity, well, today you're likely to be disappointed.

It was a day off school for A. We went shopping. First to St. John's Music (to look at guitars), then to Rideau Music (to look at guitar music), then to Tramps (to get "new" videos with our credit from previous videos we had traded in). I found a game I was looking for: Quiddler - a fast word game (card game). Thanks to Accidental Poet for teaching me about this one.

Then we went to the big mall. He had an EB Games gift card (birthday present) burning a hole in his pocket. Oddly enough, he gets a hankering for a PSP. Only $300. Not likely. I asked a few pertinent questions of the sales clerk who basically talked me out of it - not worth the money he says. Frustrated A sat down to think about this on one of the comfy chairs in the big mall. We talked rather level headedly about it and I made it clear, even with his game trade ins, that there would still be far too large a deficit for me to make up after his birthday money ran out. I am grateful that since I am no longer working, I had all the time in the world today and didn't feel pressured to get him in and out of the mall in a hurry. We took time to talk about it, he felt like his opinion was heard, mom didn't get impatient. Even halfway down the mall when he thought about - hey, maybe the new Xbox 360 wouldn't cost so much, I sat down on a different comfy chair and waited while he went back to check. Apparently, if it's not already pre-ordered, you won't see one until February or later. That's an easy way to quell an only child's desire for newer and better. It's simply not attainable. "But what about Wal-Mart?" Time for the big guns. "I'm not buying you a new gaming system." Battle won. No wounded. Peace with the other side.

As he sat finishing his lunch, he sighed. "I feel kinda sad."
Me: "That's very typical for when one goes shopping and gets discontent with what they already have."
A: "I'm not discontent"
Me: "But you want more, better, newer - it's a good reason why going window shopping when you don't really need anything is not such a good idea. It creates desire for something you didn't need in the first place." (I'm thinking about Costco).
A: "Could we go to Sport Chek and look at skis?"

He's now outfitted with new downhill ski equipment. Sigh. It was a great deal, triple Air Miles and it really is for a good cause. His feet are at their size max and the new skis will last several years. Since I don't ski, Dad has to take him. Dad needs to get outdoors more and bonding with his son on the ski hill has been very positive in the past. With new gear, the delay caused by the rental line is eliminated, so hopping out to the mountains for a day of skiing is likely to be an easy sell. I'll bring an inspirational self-help book and curl up by the fireplace in the lodge and improve myself while they bond. We'll all have a good time.

Christmas is not going to be about stuff because there's nothing left to buy. Oh Mr. Banker, can you lend me a dime?

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