Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Typical Tuesday Trivia

Tuesdays. Most productive day of the work week. Allegedly.

6:30 a.m. alarm rings
7:18 take son to early ice time
7:40 arena finally open so son can go in
7:45 stop at Shell for coffee and turnover
7:55 arrive at church, find a quiet corner to finish prep for leading small group study
8:45 practice music for worship time
9:25 start worship and study
11:30 dismiss, get lunch at cafe
12:00 practice music for next week's worship
12:40 p.m. meet staff member to discuss volunteer role
1:30 leave to pick up hockey gear
2:00 drop off hockey gear at Esporta for cleaning
2:30 pick up ski equipment for son, just purchased and serviced at Sport Chek
3:00 too late to go home, window shop at wicker store and furniture consignments
3:30 pick up son from school - he forgot sax, had to go back, add 4 minutes
3:48 drop son at home, leave for doctor appointment
4:01 run into traffic snarl due to accident, take alternate route, get lost in Mount Royal College side roads
4:14 arrive at destination - doctor is running late
5:00 drive home in rush hour, traffic slow due to stall in middle of construction zone
5:10 call son to pre-heat oven and start water for pasta
5:33 arrive home, make Fettucine Alfredo with shrimp
5:50 sit down to supper with family
6:10 leave to take son to guitar lessons
6:30 drop son, go to subway to do homework for evening study
7:00 arrive to pick up son, no show
7:07 go to door and hurry him along
7:20 drop son at home, leave for evening study - sick husband stays home
7:35 arrive study
10:07 leave study
10:30 arrive home, walk dog, check for Amazing Race - can't find it
10:40 check messages, check email, watch tv while playing quiddler solitaire and blogging
11:30 think of all sorts of things going on in my life and my head - things not to blog about
12:40 a.m. make detailed inane list of day's activities
12:50 go to bed.

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  1. Quiddler Solitaire is FUN. Also, there was no Race last night because of the Country Music Awards - that's why we got a double whammy last week. That show about the President with Geena Davis is kind of interesting, though, and so is Boston Legal.